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Founded in 2019, we specialise in providing diverse global business consulting services, primarily focusing on delivering customised, innovative, and practical solutions to companies worldwide facing challenges. By combining global knowledge with local expertise, we offer comprehensive services in business, corporate, investor relations, human resources, compensation management, corporate trust and debt services, fund administration, and corporate governance consulting.

Whether in the initial stages of a business, during its growth, or even as it prepares to go public, we offer relevant assistance to facilitate expansion. Despite our relatively short time in operation, we have successfully assisted 31 businesses in Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, New Zealand, and Malaysia. This includes industries such as manufacturing, trade, import-export, wholesale and retail, restaurants, construction, and services in navigating the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic since 2019.


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Provide world-class services and best-in-class solutions via a dedicated team of highly qualified and experienced professionals who deliver results with Pride, Integrity and Professionalism.


People-first consulting services
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Customer Focus

We use professional expertise to understand customer needs and provide support to ease their burdens, fostering long-lasting trust-based relationships.

Employee Centric

We believe in “Happy Staff, Happy Life”. Thus, we prioritise our employees’ career aspirations and provide comprehensive support for their physical and mental well-being.


Meet the key pillars of our team.

A team of professional experts is passionate about helping you achieve extraordinary results with battle-tested, effective strategies.

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TK Chua

Executive Director

Mr TK Chua is a highly seasoned professional with an extensive background in the auditing and financial services sector, accumulating more than 23 years of invaluable experience. His primary area of expertise lies in financial and business management, where he has consistently demonstrated an exceptional understanding of complex financial structures and business operations.

In addition to his role as a financial expert, Mr Chua is a distinguished technology and finance entrepreneur. He is the visionary founder of Novel Leap Sdn Bhd, a dynamic enterprise based in Malaysia. Under his leadership, Novel Leap has thrived and achieved notable success, making a significant impact in the realms of technology, finance, and business innovation.

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Dan Er

Chief Investment Officer

Mr Dan Er is an accomplished leader with extensive experience in the financial industry, particularly in fund management. He served as a representative and investor relations executive at a Singapore Capital Market Service Licensed Fund Management Company. In this role, he played a crucial part in nurturing investor relationships and received approval from the Monetary Authority of Singapore to engage in activities related to capital markets products, including trading securities and providing advisory services in corporate finance, fund management, and REIT management.

Dan Er’s extensive experience in fund management, complemented by his exceptional leadership skills, renders him an invaluable asset to any organisation. His profound comprehension of market dynamics, along with his strategic acumen and the ability to motivate teams, positions him as a formidable leader capable of propelling Novel Leap to success.

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Lucas Lim

Chief Executive Officer

Mr Lucas Lim possesses a decade of extensive experience in accounting and financial management, gained through positions held in reputable organizations across Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and Hong Kong.

One of his remarkable achievements was successfully establishing a new finance department for a multinational corporation (MNC) within a mere three months. During this period, he formulated standard operating procedures (SOPs), conducted credit analysis, and developed a comprehensive financial accounting manual to guide the department’s operations.

At present, Mr Lim is a member of several professional organisations, including the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA), the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), the ASEAN Chartered Professional Accountant (ASEAN CPA), and the International Association of Restructuring, Insolvency & Bankruptcy Professionals (INSOL). Additionally, he holds an MIA practising certificate, enabling him to provide public practice services.

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Jacey Woon

HR Director

Ms Jacey possesses a wealth of experience in the human resource services sector, spanning over a decade, with a particular focus on human resource management in both Singapore and Malaysia. Her journey in this field is marked by a remarkable progression.

She embarked on her career as an HR executive at a leading multinational corporation in the retail industry, where she laid the foundation for her expertise in human resource management. Her early experiences allowed her to understand the intricacies of HR functions and their significance in optimising an organisation’s workforce.

As her career advanced, she transitioned into providing outsourced human resources and payroll services, a move that broadened her scope and allowed her to work with numerous well-established companies across the region. Her clientele included businesses not only in Singapore and Malaysia but also in vibrant economic hubs such as Hong Kong, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

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James Choo

Finance Manager

Mr James Choo has amassed approximately 9 years of experience in the industry, including 5 years in Big Four Accounting and Advisory services, during which he worked in both Malaysia and Singapore. He also spent one year as an in-house accountant and two years as a freelancer, providing services to clients worldwide in industries including but not limited to property development, services, retail, manufacturing and more. He joined Novel Leap Sdn Bhd in late 2022 and has been serving the company ever since.

During his tenure, he not only successfully led but also completed audit engagements and advisory projects across diverse industries, including property development, services, retail, manufacturing, and more.

Throughout his career, he has acquired a wide range of skills, knowledge, and business acumen in financial accounting and finance, thanks to his involvement in various divisions such as mergers and acquisitions, group finance, and financial planning and analysis.

His notable achievements include auditing high-profile clients and providing advisory services for transactions valued at over SGD40 million.


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